Parish Subscriptions

What is Symbolon?

Symbolon is a comprehensive, new approach to adult faith formation and RCIA. It helps parish leaders implement the New Evangelization through year-round training and dynamic catechetical resources. Our team of experts use their extensive parish experience to help parish leaders form directors, catechists, sponsors, volunteers and teams. Symbolon also provides a systematic video-based curriculum that proclaims the fullness of the Catholic faith, re-evangelizes adults in the parish, and forms lifelong disciples.

Symbolon Adult Faith Formation and RCIA is the first part of a larger family of parish resources that will later include Marriage preparation, Baptism preparation, and instruction for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Get an inside look at what pastors and catechists are discovering.
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What Does a Symbolon Parish Subscription Include?

1. Video-Based Curriculum

18 Sessions of Video-Based Curriculum with easy-to-use leader guides for Adult Faith Formation and RCIA

2. Opening the Word

Journey into the Sunday Reading: 55 weeks of video reflections on the Sunday readings for the entire Liturgical Year. Includes Easy-to-use leader's guides and prayer journals

3. In-Parish Training

A series of training videos and bi-weekly webinars for catechists, parish leaders, and RCIA teams and sponsors led by Adult Faith Formation & RCIA experts across the nation

4. Catechetical Certification

For select volunteers or staff

1. Comprehensive Video-Based Curriculum for
Adult Faith Formation & RCIA

Available online or as DVDs

Available in Spanish in Fall 2014.

Transform your parish by re-evangelizing the faithful! Help adults bring their understanding of Christianity to a mature faith in which they commit their lives to Jesus Christ, the Catholic faith, and their parish.

This systematic, 18-week curriculum uses state-of-the-art video to proclaim the fullness of the faith, bear witness to the beauty of the tradition, and engage our secular culture in a way that brings souls into the heart of the Church.

This curriculum is ideal for...

  • RCIA
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Small-group study
  • Men's and Women's groups
  • Other adult catechesis settings

Episodes 1-6

  • 1. The God who is Love & the Journey of Faith
  • 2. Divine Revelation
  • 3. The Bible
  • 4. The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fall Redemption
  • 5. Who is Jesus?
  • 6. The Paschal Mystery

Episodes 7-12

  • 7. The Holy Spirit and the Life of Grace
  • 8. Why Do I Need the Church
  • 9. Mary & the Saints
  • 10. Last Things
  • 11. Baptism & Confirmation
  • 12. The Eucharist

Episodes 13-18

  • 13. A Walk Through the Mass
  • 14. Marriage & Holy Orders
  • 15. A Catholic Moral Vision
  • 16. Marriage & Sexuality
  • 17. Catholic Social Teaching & the Dignity of the Human Person
  • 18. Reconciliation & Anointing of the Sick

Get an inside look at what pastors and catechists are discovering.
If you are a parish leader, call 303-937-4420.

2. Opening the Word

Help your parishioners understand the Sunday readings with this dynamic and engaging resource.

Opening the Word is a weekly Catholic faith formation resource that helps participants understand the meaning of the Sunday readings and explore how they connect to their lives.

This new kind of Scripture study unpacks the Sunday readings and helps your parishioners enter more deeply into the Mass with 55 weeks of short video reflections on the Sunday readings for the entire Liturgical Year. It includes a guided Lectio Divina, easy-to-use leader's guides and prayer journals that apply the Sunday readings to your daily life.

Available for all parishioners on the web, iOS and Android.

Three Components of Opening the Word

1. Video Reflection. Gain insight from dynamic Catholic scholars like Dr. Edward Sri, Dr. Tim Gray, and Dr. Mary Healy.

2. Personal Prayer Journal with guided prompts to help apply the readings in a personal way—complete with Bible verses, prayers from the Saints, and references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

3. Leader's Guide with step-by-step instructions to direct and enhance a journey into the Sunday Readings. For leaders, this tool is thorough and specific, offering guidance every step of the way—from what to use for an opening prayer to exactly what to say before each step of Lectio.

Opening the Word can be used in a variety of settings in the parish that will help the Word of God come alive and help participants discover the Sunday readings and how they can shape their lives.

Get an inside look at what pastors and catechists are discovering.
If you are a parish leader, call 303-937-4420.

3. In-Parish Training

Train your catechists, volunteers and leadership team to effectively implement the New Evangelization in your parish ministries.

Bring some of the top catechetical experts directly to your parish through our training video library and ongoing live webinar program. This training helps address the real challenges parish leaders face every day and the opportunities they have to implement the New Evangelization in their ministries.

Training Topics

  1. RCIA Sponsor/Godparent Training: This five-part training allows RCIA Directors to train their Sponsors and Godparents on their crucial role in the RCIA process, and how they can learn to more effectively form lifelong disciples as they journey with their RCIA catechumen or candidate.
  2. RCIA Team Training: This five part training assists RCIA Directors in training their RCIA Team and their various roles in assisting in the RCIA process and forming lifelong disciples.
  3. RCIA Catechist Training: This six part training gives RCIA catechists the understanding, tools, and methodology to be effective in the RCIA process. This training covers the catechetical aspects of each of the four periods of RCIA, and guides the catechist to bring RCIA participants into intimate communion with Jesus Christ through his teaching and your witness.
  4. Adult Faith Formation Team Training: This training will help parishes not only form and recruit a dynamic Adult Faith Formation Team, but will also show how this team can assist in creating and implementing an effective Adult Faith Formation strategy and plan in your parish.
  5. Adult Learning Model: This training will help parish leaders understand the Adult Learning Model and how this model can be used to dynamically form a parish and reach a wide variety of adults.
  6. Adult Faith Formation Catechist Training: Using the RCIA catechumenate as a model, this training will help equip catechists with the tools and methodology to be effective and dynamic catechists of adults in the parish.
  7. Additional Video/Webinar Training: The Symbolon training website will also offer additional training and ongoing support through videos and webinars, which will assist parish leaders in transforming their parishes through RCIA and Adult Faith Formation.

Get an inside look at what pastors and catechists are discovering.
If you are a parish leader, call 303-937-4420.

4. Catechetical Certification from the Augustine Institute

Help your key parish staff and volunteers get the in-depth formation they need to be effective leaders in the New Evangelization.

This online certification course, developed by the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology, offers the doctrinal, spiritual, and pastoral formation your key parish staff need to be witnesses to Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.

The purpose of this training is to help both new and experienced leaders focus on developing the right vision, relationships, and principles necessary for dynamic evangelization and catechesis.

By the end of this online course, certified participants will:

  • Be familiar with foundational catechetical principles and with the content of the faith, provided by the Church as the driving force behind all methods of evangelization and catechesis.
  • Understand the key methodological principles of evangelization and catechesis, for greater effectiveness and functioning in the ministry setting.
  • Be rooted in personal prayer and the sacramental life of the Church as the sure foundation for the active life of ministry – “Interiority for Mission.”
  • Be able to reflect upon what they are learning and apply new principles and methods to their current ministry setting.

Get an inside look at what pastors and catechists are discovering.
If you are a parish leader, call 303-937-4420.

What makes Symbolon such an effective resource for the New Evangelization?

The people

The Symbolon curriculum was designed by a team of religious education professionals from around the country with dozens of decades of experience in parish ministry between them, led by Professor Edward Sri of the Augustine Institute. The instructors for the video segments of the curriculum include well-known scholars and evangelists such as Curtis Martin, founder of FOCUS, chastity speakers Jason and Crystalina Evert of Catholic Answers, Teresa Tomeo of Ave Maria / EWTN Radio, and Dr. Mary Healy of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, as well as, Augustine Institute Professors Jim Beckman, Tim Gray, Mark Giszczak, Sean Innerst, Jared Staudt, and Michel Therrien.

The Production

Filmed on location in Rome, the Holy Land, and in our studios in Denver, Symbolon offers beautifully-crafted catechesis in state-of-the-art video. It combines dynamic, down-to-earth, and systematic teaching with engaging and attractive presentation.

The Support

Parishes that subscribe to Symbolon enjoy a program that is easy to use and offers ongoing support. Beautiful leader's guides and participant handouts make it simple for catechists and volunteers to lead their groups through each session. In-parish training videos equip parish leaders to train their teams and volunteers in the catechetical, pastoral, and spiritual formation they need to be effective in their ministries. Website resources for both leaders and participants provide more in-depth support for the topics covered in each session. And additional training is available for parish leaders through the Augustine Institute Catechetical Certification Program—made available to select parish leaders via distance education.

Get an inside look at what pastors and catechists are discovering.
If you are a parish leader, call 303-937-4420.